The core team behind Folk.
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Ján Šifra

Ján ŠifraCEO and Strategy Director

Audience first, distribution second, content third - that’s how we think about marketing communication at Folk. Jan has two major roles at Folk: running company as the CEO, and, as the Audience Director, focusing everything we do at Folk on audience first. That includes understanding the role of cultural branding in marketing communication, and the ways distribution plays part in shaping the form and the message of the content.

Lucia Pašková

Lucia PaškováFinance & Advisory

Lucia, as a seasoned entrepreneur and investor in Folk, helps us with all things business: advising teams on business strategy and customer centricity, setting up financial backbone of Folk. Plus, she’s the prime Folk networker. Embedded in multiple entrepreunial communities, Lucia helps Folk with contacts and connections the company needs to grow.

Martin Jenča

Martin JenčaDirector, Editorial Design & Visual Editing

90% of content that we do at Folk has a strong visual side to it. Photoessays, visual explainers: if great written word is combined with strong visuals, the result has 10x impact. Martin is the person shaping visual editing skills of people at Folk, making sure we produce visual content of both bottomless charm and informational value.

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