Folk is an audience development company.

  1. We’ve paired marketing managers with editors, designers & content creators, uniting them around the single audience they’re most passionate about.
  2. The team identifies talking points that matter to your audience, then builds a KPI-based content marketing system around it.

Magazines and content campaigns aimed at vertical audiences

When like-minded people meet, they form a community with its own culture, rituals & language. We observe selected vertical communities around the world and their unique traits – their folklore.

Then, we build content marketing teams serving these communities — we call them audience development studios. The studios help companies enter a certain culture — a niche — and become an everyday part of it. Through the magazine, or through the content campaign.

Here’s how we build them.

Marketers+Editors+Visual Artists

There are three core elements that make up our studios:

  1. Marketers

    They understand your bottom line and how to build content marketing system around your KPI’s. The strategic marketer at Folk is called Audience Director, the executive one – Audience Developer.
  2. Editors & Producers

    These people know how to look & where to look for topics that tick with your audience, and how to produce content flawlesly.
  3. Visual Artists

    90% of our content is visual: photo essays, visual explainers, product exposition. Visual content looks good, reads well and spreads widely.

Plus a tiny bit of ethnography

And then there's the ethnography, as a fourth element. It helps us understand the culture – which, in turn, makes your content relevant.

So take this:

  1. meaningful KPIs,
  2. relevant content based on ethnography,
  3. visual art,
  4. and keen eye for client’s cash flow and bottom line,

— they, together, bring new customers, increase loyalty and generate demand, sustainably. And that’s the definition of audience development at Folk.

The rise of vertical nation: This is why audience development is the no1 skill for the new global economy

A gossip from designer in New York to designer in Berlin flows faster than the information between a banker and a movie maker in Austria, living on the same street.

Steadily, hundreds of global vertical nations are emerging in the world. Safety engineers talking to other safety engineers, road cyclists to other road cyclists.

Vertical nations are not defined by geography or ethnicity. They are connected by shared interests. Just like any traditional nation, the vertical nations build common identities, institutions and media space.

It doesn't matter if one trail runner is Australian and the other one is Czech — their sports identity connects them over thousands of miles. They both follow the same channels, the same Instagram celebrities, use the same apps and read similar news, speak the same “trail running” language.

Because, finally, they can.

The emergence of vertical nations created a new breed of global companies which serve one niche, one vertical nation, anywhere in the world. It also created a new concept of vertically integrated agency.

Being such agency, we know what your vertical nations like & hate, what they wear and talk about, what annoys them and what they're passionate about — and turn that knowledge into a profitable content marketing program for your company.

Audience development is what happens before you can do performance marketing

Don’t get us wrong - performance and push-to-sale is the right thing to do, and we do spend a large chunk of time on performance campaigns, too.

Yet before you can do performance, you need to have the audience "you can perform on". And that's what audience development does – it's water on your conversion mills.

Audience development identifies segments of people you should talk to, and builds content that attracts them at scale.

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